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How To Restore Your Classic Car Like a Jumpsuit-Wearing Champion

We’ve done how-to articles about detailing your classic car, registering it, and how one common component—the carburetor—works. Today we’d like to talk about the real meat of classic cars: restoration. Many people elect to purchase classic cars already fully restored—to paraphrase Drake, “engine done, inside done, everything did.” More common is to find a classic […]

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How Does a Carburetor Work?

Nobody move: We’re about to do science. When looking into the engine block of a classic car there’s at least one major difference between it and a modern engine and that’s the presence of a carburetor. You might know it better as a carb if you’re a fan of diminutives, or a carby if you’re […]

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Simple Steps to Register Your Vehicle as an Antique

Raleigh Classic celebrates the various makes and models that betokened changes in the automobile industry, displayed some long-forgotten feature, or possessed gawk-inducing beauty. We attribute dynamic words to these vehicles, such as vintage, antique, or classic; words that immediately conjure vivid images of a Model T Ford or soft-top convertible Cadillac. The memories of the […]

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