Where Does The Raleigh Classic Get Its Cars? And How Do We Transport Them?

Twice a year, The Raleigh Classic is held at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC. We work our hardest to bring you a unique offering of classic cars of all makes and models that is completely different every time, or at least as close as we can make it.

One question many people have is how we’re able to get such a wide variety of vehicles that is different every auction, for the most part. With some vehicles that are nearly 100 years old, you would think that we’d have to go outside of Raleigh to find these vehicles. And you’d be right.

The staff here spends the year hunting, acquiring, transporting, and restoring vehicles from all over the country for The Raleigh Classic. Our crew of dedicated drivers uses the following vehicles to bring our new acquisitions home:

  • Custom Peterbilt tractor-trailer with Caterpillar V8 engine
  • “Blue Thunder” Peterbilt tractor, 6-vehicle trailer
  • 1957 Mack tractor, 6-vehicle trailer
  • 1955 Mack LT tractor, 6-vehicle trailer

We also have Dodge and Ford dualies that can pull a variety of smaller enclosed and open trailers for hauls of two or three vehicles.

The point we’re making is that for us, business is personal. Our motto is good old cars because we believe in finding original, unmodified vehicles that deserve to be restored to their original glory. That’s how we do things, and it starts with taking responsibility for every part of the acquisition process.

We’re about to upload several new videos to the site that will show the quality of the vehicles that we bring to every auction. When you see a classic car operating as it should, with its inside and outside in peak condition, you’ll understand our feeling that every car is a work of art.

Remember that the next Raleigh Classic is June 17-18, 2016, with a special sneak peek on June 16 for registered bidders. Register on our site today to reserve your spot at this summer’s Raleigh Classic, and use June 16 to plan your bidding strategy for the next two days.

See you soon!

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