The Perfect Classic Car Collector Attitude

The subjects of this video from Petrolicious are Dennis Varni and his Lamborghini Miura P400 S. Varni and many others believe the Miura is what put Lamborghini on the map. It’s a true sports car with an exotic engine and significant styling, so his claim can’t be denied.

As classic car enthusiasts, we watch this video and see not only a beautiful vehicle, but something even more important. We see the perfect attitude for a classic car owner.

There’s a break in the middle of the video where Varni talks about the rest of his car collection. You can see based on his eclectic collection and the way he talks about it that he really gets it. He’s a true enthusiast in every sense of the word, an ambassador for cars of all shapes and sizes, and an unabashed aficionado.

Here’s how Varni describes his philosophy:

“I think my philosophy about collecting cars is things that I like, and it’s not about value … I bought cars because I like them and like the look of them, or they had to perform a certain way, or they looked ugly and they were beautiful because they were ugly. So I’m very eclectic in my collection and all the automobilia that goes along with it.”

Varni can even offer advice to those of us with larger collections:

“I love them all, and when I’m in [a car], I’m with that one. You don’t want to walk up to one of your daughters or sons and say ‘I love you the best, more than anybody else’ because the other ones will be very upset. So I don’t talk in front of any of the cars, but each car I’m with I’m in love with.”

The purity of Varni’s enthusiasm can serve as a model for all aspiring collectors and lovers of classic cars. It’s the kind of spirit we hope to inspire at each edition of the Raleigh Classic.

“I drink, eat, sleep cars,” says Varni. “I hope I get to stay around a long time and play with all my toys, and then when I go, someone else will have them.” In so few words, he’s described the dream for all of us.

If you haven’t already, remember it’s never too soon to register for the next Raleigh Classic. The next auction is this December, so visit our website for all the information you need.

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