Classic Car as Daily Driver Without a Backup: What Could Go Wrong?


Some of us have several cars and the prospect of using a classic car as a daily driver isn’t daunting. If it breaks down, you can have it towed and use one of your other cars to get around.

But what if a classic is all you have? Is it prudent to depend on it?

On a scale of 1-10, assess your chill level

The bad news is that old parts tend to break. The good news is that they’re easy to replace. Old cars don’t have all the electronics and gear of new ones, which makes them easier to work on without a repair shop.

However, this assumes that you’re chill, meaning that you won’t freak out if something snaps, pops, pings, crunches, or squzoles. You simply pull over calmly, take a look, and work the problem. If you struggle with controlling your emotions, a classic daily driver might not be right for you.

Keep spare parts in the trunk

Because they’re not in high demand, old parts for your classic should be cheap, which means you should scoop up as many as you come across, even if you don’t need them. You never know when having the right part and 20 minutes could save you hours waiting for a tow and a technician’s time.

Sometimes a newer engine is best

This option is more for those of y’all who—how shall we put this—can afford to buy an island. Sometimes your beloved classic is powered by an engine that needs to be mercy killed, and the prescription is dropping in a new motor altogether. Consider making friends in a local, regional or state group of classic collectors; they might have just what you need.

Remind yourself why you’re doing it

There’s a reason you’re not driving an appliance with four wheels and Bluetooth like every one else. You have a soul and it doesn’t want to sit in something that feels like it was designed by Microsoft. Your car is an expression of your personality. It’s what you see in the morning and what you see at night. It might be a pain to take care of, but at least it shows that you care.

What do you think: is driving a classic car on a daily basis the worst idea since NFL Europe? Let us know on our Facebook post. And if you’re a daily driver—good for you!

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