How to Pick out a Future Classic Car

future classic car

Classic cars are great – they’re great to look at, better to drive, and reminiscent of simpler times. Classic’s transport us back to the year they were built and are charged with an ambiance you won’t find inside a brand new vehicle.

We find it incredibly interesting which cars become classics, and which disappear with time – Which got us thinking: What makes a car a classic, and how can we pick out a car today that will be a classic down the road?

Let’s look to the past

The past is always your ally when predicting the future. Cars that are now classics were some of the best in their time; these are cars that everyone wanted to have. They were usually known for some distinct quality, whether it be their off-beat style, their speed on the track, or their unbeatable reliability.

future classic car

Photo: Popular Mechanics

So we’re looking for cars that really make a statement for their time – they don’t have to be expensive (although it can help), they just have to be exceptional at what they were built to for.

Looking to the future

Now we have to contrast that information with what we think is coming. While we can’t be completely certain, there are some changes we can clearly see heading our way.

future classic car

Driverless cars are on their way, and with them will come a few changes to how we view driving. Before long, we’ll have a generation of people who have never put their hands on a steering wheel. Those poor saps will never be exposed to the rush you get when accelerating through the gearbox. Those who do remember that rush, though, will be itching to relive their glory years behind the wheel of an automotive beast.

So what kind of cars will be classics?

Cars that are built to be driven with agility; Performance vehicles that exude style, such as a Porsche 911, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, or a Volkswagen GTI. In the future, classic cars will be for those who remember what it’s like to grip a steering wheel, feather a clutch, and get pulled over for speeding.

future classic car

So first and foremost: look for cars that are creating a buzz for their performance ability. If that car is also distinctly styled, incredibly reliable, or the first car to have a coffee maker inside (mostly kidding), you may have a classic on your hands. Any vehicle that is standing out amongst the crowd today is likely to do the same a few years down the road.

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