How to Register a Classic Car in North Carolina

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In a previous post, we discussed how old a car must be in order to be considered classic or antique. Today we’ll talk about how to acquire titles and registration for your classic vehicle.

“But Raleigh Classic blog author,” you might ask, “why does my classic car need to be registered?” That’s a fair question. The most obvious answer is that just because you’re in a classic car doesn’t mean you’re immune to the rules of the road. If you get pulled over while behind the wheel of one of your antiques, the police are still going to expect you to present your license and registration.

The second reason applies more directly to our area of expertise, which is auctioning off cars. If you want to sell or consign a classic vehicle, you’ll need its title to certify the authenticity of the car as well as to help continue its story. Every title transfer is another page in a vehicles unique history, and to enthusiasts, that is precious indeed.

Getting on with it, we already said that in order for a car to be considered an antique in North Carolina and registered as such, it must be at least thirty-five years old as measured from the original date of manufacture. The DMV has additional rules on its website pertaining to replica vehicles, which may apply to some cars that go up for auction.

If the vehicle in question meets that qualification, the rest is basically the same for any other car. You’ll need to show up at the Vehicle Registration Office with all the necessary documents (proof of identity and proof of insurance), and you’ll also need to have paid any outstanding property taxes on the vehicle before you apply. Then it’s paperwork and fees, all of which are detailed on the Titles page of the DMV website.

A couple of pointers before you go to the Vehicle Registration Office: make sure you have all the necessary documents and paperwork completed before you go, and they only accept payments in cash or check. We’re telling you this now because the only thing worse than making a trip to the DMV is making a return trip to the DMV.

The winter edition of the 2014 Raleigh Classic Car Auction is just ten days away. Make sure you’re a registered bidder before the event.

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