Model A Restorers Club Completes Tour in Carthage

In our line of work, we get a thrill whenever a large group of people gather to celebrate old cars. That’s why it was especially exciting when the Model A Restorers Club wrapped up their national tour in Carthage, North Carolina, earlier this week.

The Ford Model A is an exceptional rare car, having been produced only between 1927 and 1931. It was the bridge between the iconic Model T and the V8 Model 18. While some five million were made, it’s estimated that only about two-hundred and fifty thousand Model As are left in the world.

In its day, the Model A sold for between $385 and $1400 depending on body style and trim. It featured a 40 horsepower L-head four-cylinder engine and had a top speed of 65 miles-per-hour. The Model A came in a variety of styles, including coupe, business coupe, sport coupe, town car, and more.

Founded in 1952, the Model A Restorers Club (MARC) aims to encourage the acquisition, restoration, preservation, and exhibition of the Model A Ford by its members, as well as harbor fellowship among Modern A owners around the world. The MARC holds an annual membership meeting in the spring and a national meet in the summer for members to exchange ideas, ask questions, and buy, sell, or trade parts.

MARC completed the final leg of its national tour earlier this week, driving from Cary to Carthage on an unfortunately rainy afternoon. Undeterred, the caravan was captured by Robert Willett of the News & Observer. Watch the video below and browse through more photos on the N&O website.

Make sure you stay tuned to the Raleigh Classic blog for all your local news about classic and rare cars. Our second auction of the year will be held in December. Maybe we’ll see some Model As there.

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