Buick Blackhawk Concept To Be Auctioned in Texas

Concept cars have always held one purpose: to provide a glimpse into the future. Companies build concepts to show off new design language, or to preview technology that will change the industry. Some concepts become specific models. Others are more like collages of ideas, destined to split apart into individual units. The goal is always to show the cars of tomorrow.

Though there is one exception.

Photo: RM Auctions

Crafted in 2001, the Buick Blackhawk concept was not a roadmap for the journey ahead. Instead, it was a reminiscence on the path taken to that point. Buick built the Blackhawk to celebrate its rich heritage.

Though it looks like it was plucked straight out of the 1940s, the Blackhawk has several modern touches. Its hardtop roof is retractable and made from carbon fiber, it has keyless entry, and it rides on a fully independent suspension.

Photo: RM Auctions

This concept was handmade, drawing inspiration from older Buick models, including the concept Y-Job, the 1948 Roadmaster, and the 1996 Riviera. It seems to pull from every era of the brand. The engine is a 1970 7.5-liter GS Stage III V8 that makes an alleged 463 horsepower, and it’s connected to a four-speed automatic transmission.

Photo: RM Auctions

Displayed in a heritage collection for a number of years, the Blackhawk concept was auctioned off in 2009, selling for $522,500 after the buyer’s premium. Now it’s being sold again and the reserve is off.

The Buick Blackhawk concept will cross the block in Fort Worth this May along with the rest of the Andrews Collection. The event will be overseen by RM Auctions. You can see more pictures and information on the auctioneer’s website. As for our Raleigh Classic Car Auction, that even will be held in June, so don’t miss out.

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