Ken Block’s Super Sixties Mustang

We’re not accustomed to blogging about news from the twenty-first century on this blog, what with our designation as a blog about a classic car auction. Today, Ken Block has served up a story that is a sufficient enough crossover, and we aren’t talking about the segment of compact utility vehicles.

Block, best known as a founding member of Hoonigan Racing and for his many high-rev, drift-heavy shenanigans caught on film, was recently spied working on Gymkhana 7, the latest in the series. If you aren’t familiar with Gymkhana, it’s a video series that generally features Block driving and drifting his modified Ford Fiesta ST through a tightly-wound obstacle course. What caught our attention this time is that Block was not caught on camera in his usual ride. This time he was driving a more classic steed with a modern twist.

If you don’t recognize it under all the custom body work, that is a 60s Ford Mustang. In addition to the gratuitous sponsorship decals, it also has a full body makeover as much for speed and aerodynamics as it is for style, a jacked up intake jutting out of the hood so far it probably reduces visibility, and it’s all-wheel drive. You can see smoke spooling off of the front wheels in the spy pictures and the video. We probably won’t know what’s been done to the engine itself until the video is actually released, but judging by the sound and the output it’s a pretty safe bet there’s nothing stock under the hood.

What do you think of this super ‘stang? Is it a desecration of something sacred or can we accept it as a worthy and entertaining tribute? We’ll be interested to see the finished product and hopefully learn more about the story behind this particular car once Gymkhana 7 drops. Until then, this opens up the Raleigh Classic blog to discussions of how to (tastefully) modify your classic car. Expect more on this subject in the future.

Ken Block’s Super Sixties Mustang was last modified: March 24th, 2022 by Raleigh Classic Car Auctions

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